Feria Material, Installation View

For the 10th edition of Material Art Fair in Mexico City, Management is pleased to present an intimate booth of small paintings by New York-based Ernesto Renda and Montreal-based Marlon Kroll.

Renda (b. 1995) considers the painting surface as an index for events that can happen to a wall - a metonymic rectangle on which images are projected and which gestures at the larger context from which said rectangle is extracted. Renda combines two pictorial planes - a color image rendered in pastel and an underlying line drawing relief - often taken from film or TV stills, to create atmospheric paintings that contain the same metonymic properties as consecutives cuts in moving image, where the juxtaposition of two frames produce meaning. The Bricks Series examines the lyrical potential of "bricks" from a wall to carry the images projected onto them.

Kroll (b. 1992) roots his practice in drawing while thinking of himself as a figurative painter and sculptor whose work manifests in a subjectivity that considers objects and forms as embodied entities, the necessary components of which are, of course, the incogitable “thing” being embodied. Here we have two different approaches to the generation of meaning, one in relation to time as exemplified by the viewer’s perception of frames in moving images, the other in relation to the sublimation of an inexplicable vitality within objects, where one is an affect of distance from the subject, and the other is one of intimacy with it.

Feria Material, Installation View
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