Omaha-born, New York-based artist Tim Brawner produces a practice of painting that mines the space between the uncanny and the grotesque. Seeking to produce in the viewer a compelling affect of unease, Brawner utilizes the idiom of illustration to render images of alienation, through the purposeful bricolage of disparate representational elements. In each work, a persistently fine, painterly execution meets the artist’s formal drafting process of drawing and montage to achieve what Brawner terms a pathos of ‘weirdness’: a form of defamiliarization which is also a seduction, an entreat, into a strange representational space nonetheless evoking trepidation and dread. These visual chimeras undermine the spectators’ traditional binary frames of reference, eliding at once those of conservative Western Christian morality and those of liberal secular paradigms of Enlightened empathy. As the artist intones, this ‘weirding’ is “part of the drama of the work; it is an ontological struggle [of an alternative world beyond our given dichotomies] to be represented… to come into being.”

Tim Brawner received an MFA from Yale School of Art in 2020. Solo exhibitions include Feels Like Heaven at von ammon co., Washington D.C.; Glad Tidings at Management, New York; Sometime Come the Mother, Sometime the Wolf at Union Pacific, London. Group exhibitions include Maskenfreiheit, Margot Samel, New York, NY; Focus Group 4, von ammon co, Washington, DC; OMGWTF, Primary Projects, Miami, FL; Companions, Union Pacific, London; Yale Painting & Printmaking MFA, Galerie Perrotin, New York, NY. Brawner’s exhibitions have been reviewed in Artforum and The Brooklyn Rail.


2020 Yale School of Art, MFA
2014 Nebraska Wesleyan University, BFA



Feels Like Heaven, von ammon co., Washington D.C. (upcoming)

Glad Tidings, Management, New York, NY

Sometime Come the Mother, Sometime the Wolf, Union Pacific, London, UK

PAGE NYC, NADA Projects, New York, NY

Untitled, PAGE (NYC), New York, NY (duo exhibition)

Lee, Elder Gallery, Lincoln, NE



Horripilation, The Hole, New York, NY

Maskenfreiheit, Margot Samel, New York, NY
Focus Group 4, von ammon co, Washington, DC

To Bodily Go... Superzoom Gallery, Miami, FL 

OMGWTF, Primary Projects, Miami, FL
No Fear In Trying, Unit London, London
Companions, Union Pacific, London
Urgent, Papa Projects, Minneapolis, MN

Philip Seibel, Aks Misyuta, Tim Brawner, Et AL: Brook Hsu & WSCHOD: Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw, Union Pacific, London
Yale Painting & Printmaking MFA, Galerie Perrotin, New York, NY
C.H.A.D., Ashes On Ashes, New York, NY
Only When You’re Called, Yale University Gallery, New Haven, CT

Three Rooms, GalleryELL, New York, NY
Summer Exhibition, PAGE (NYC), New York, NY

Triple Monster, August Zang Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


2020/21 Viewing Program, The Drawing Center
2019 Dumfries House, Royal Drawing School
2013 Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art

Feels Like Heaven, Tim Brawner's solo show opened at von ammon co in Washington, DC
April 6, 2024
Dallas Art Fair

Management is pleased to present a solo booth with works by Tim Brawner at Dallas Art Fair, April 4 — 7

April 3, 2024
Tim Brawner is a February resident at Plop residency in East London
February 7, 2024
Tim Brawner is included in Horripilation at The Hole NYC
January 13, 2024
Tim Brawner is included in Maskenfreiheit at Margot Samel
July 20, 2023
Tim Brawner is included in FOCUS GROUP 4 at Von Ammon Co, Washington, DC
May 13, 2023
Works by Katie Hector and Tim Brawner are featured on David Zwirner's Platform
May 1, 2023
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