Anastasia Komar, EDEn I, II, III

Management is pleased to present a solo booth by New York-based artist Anastasia Komar at Independent 2024.

Anastasia Komar's practice is informed by her research into the intersection of art and contemporary bioengineering, seeking to elucidate aspects of our reality that increasingly affect the human experience but elude comprehension. Referencing science, theology, and history, Komar combines acrylic painting executed in a wide gamut of short, vivid, and luminescent brushstrokes with advanced polymer sculptures that echo forms at once biomolecular, mythological, and mammalian.

Komar’s title for this series of works, EDEn, refers to the study for the Electroceutical Design Environment: Ion Channel Tissue Expression Database with Small Molecule Modulators within the nascent field of molecular bioelectricity, as well as carrying the biblical connotation of the Garden of Eden and the Judeo-Christian myth of creation culminating in a fall from God’s grace as punishment for the pursuit of knowledge. It is predicted that this new field of study will drastically alter our understanding of biology and usher in a new era of medical methodologies, as well as unlock unimaginable potential for biosynthetic computing that will accelerate the transhumanist project.

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